Monday, October 13, 2008

The Turkey Cupcakes

Turned out like this! (A few turned into "stuffed turkeys" because they sort of crumbled...oh well, all the more tasty!)

King of Turkeys? Why not...let the creativity flow! :)

Vietnam Pictures

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A few favorites:

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I just finished preparing a couple thanksgiving snacks for school tomorrow. I love celebrating this day with my students. I like to cover our door with paper and title it, "thanksgiving graffiti". The kids have fun filling it with gratitude. This year I found a really cute turkey cupcake idea, so I'm going to try that out. I think they'll have a blast with it (what could go wrong with chocolate cupcakes involved?!), to go along with our graffiti and classic making of thanksgiving cards.

There is so much to be grateful for, and I hope it's an attitude that shapes each day for me. I try to be thankful. Most days, it's so easy because there is such an abundance of good things that fill my life.

Tonight in the midst of busyness, I thought on the powerful blessing of role models in my life. I'm spoiled rotten, and it starts with my family. My grandparents have created a legacy of faith, love and generosity that is incredible. I thank God for my Mom and Dad every day. I am so grateful for all that they model for me, but especially: grace, selflessness, faithfulness, hospitality and a heart set on serving God and others. And I don't know how I got so lucky, to have the big brothers and sisters (and sisters in law) that I have. I have never had a shortage of love, encouragement, or inspiration in my life...not with a crew like that leading the way! Oh, the list could continue on and on- from teachers to coaches to my church family mentors and my aunts, uncles and cousins. I'm celebrating your examples to me tonight, and remembering to pass on the blessing of a role model to the young ones I spend my days with! I'm thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving from Hong Kong.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Harm from...Hanoi

Day one is coming to an end. We made good use of it! Waking up to the sounds of horns and construction brought back memories of both India and China. We enjoyed a baguette, cheese and Vietnamese coffee for breakfast, thanks to our very warm and helpful hosts at the guesthouse. Our accommodations are not flashy, but definitely homey...and cheap! We are staying in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, a bustling corner of the city. The theme of transportation is definitely the honking scooter. Crossing the street here is similar to the Indian experience- just take your chances and go. Weave your way through the madness. It's a pretty fun game and you always feel like you've accomplished something when you've made it safely to the other side.

I am excited to be in a new country. As per usual, day one was spent getting acquainted with the geography, the food, and especially of key importance, the shopping. We were most pleased, actually we were thrilled, with the potential for good buys in Hanoi. We all put in orders for clothes today, so we are all looking forward to picking up the final products in a couple days. I'm excited about the great artwork available and I'm pondering a few purchases later on this weekend. I found the Old Quarter to be a bit of a challenge to navigate. After being spun around a number of times as we wandered the streets, I was pleased to feel a relative sense of direction by the time we finished the day.

Tomorrow we are going to Halong Bay, which we expect to be a highlight of our stay. We are going on a junk boat, where we will eat and sleep for one night. Kayaking, swimming and cave exploring are all on the agenda. Guess I'll head for bed- a day of wandering has left me weary.