Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tunes of the Month

Five February Favorites:

1) Feist
...I Feel It All

2) Waterdeep
...Good Good End
...Whatever Thing
...You Have Redeemed My Soul

3) Laura Story
...Great God Who Saves
...Mighty to Save

4) Jack Johnson
...Sleep Through the Static
...What You Thought You Need

5) Jason Upton
...Beautiful People
...Sons and Daughters
...In Your Presence

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Men in My Life These Days...(Happy Valentines Day!)

Mature, responsible fourteen, fifteen and sixteen year you can see.

We just finished off our regular season. A pretty decent record of 6 wins, 2 losses. Today's win was strange, to put it kindly. The home team didn't have a bench to sit on, nor did they have a score sheet, or scorekeepers, to start the game. A game that was supposed to be played in quarters was played in two halves, until the clock chimed 6pm, and the public gym we were playing in lifted their nets with one minute left in the game. A slightly anticlimactic finale, especially with a score of 18-14. Yes, we were playing basketball! Ah well, the best part was that the location of the gym was a perfect picture of Hong Kong- built on the top level of an indoor wet market. We're walking by the vegetable section and I'm wondering- this is really the way to the gym? Classic use of space!!

Saturday is our first play-off game. Should be a good one! I've enjoyed this bunch a great deal- committed, eager and a lot of fun.