Friday, July 28, 2006

Farewell Random Style

Deep sigh.
Packing is finished.
I forgot something for sure.
3 suitcases is 1 too many.
It's Hong Kong. They have everything in the world in Hong Kong.
Is it really July 28?
I love my friends.
Have you tried the new Caramilk McFlurry?
What did I forget?
I'll miss the sky.
I'll miss skim milk from Canadian cows. Oh, how I love skim milk.
Hong Kong seems far.
2 years will go fast...right?
I feel a lot of things all at once. All swirled into one tired feeling.
I forgot to say goodbye to Wilf. Goodbye Wilf. I'll miss your tennis expertise.
I can't remember what else I forgot.
My grandparents make me smile.
Tomorrow I get to squish Mareesa. She's so awesome.
Good thing I had help with the packing. Thanks Deb, thanks Sdawg!
I'm sorry that I didn't weed the garden, Mom.
I wonder what my classroom will be like.
I wonder who my students are.
I wonder if it will be harder to listen in Hong Kong. It seems loud and busy.
I mean really listen- to the spirit inside of me, to the people around me.
Goodbye Tim Horton's. I will miss you, Oh Blueberry Bran Muffin.
Goodbye wretched gas stations and wicked gas prices. I'll take the subway, thanks.
I wish girls played football in Hong Kong.
It's easy to worry.
I am excited.
But more tired than excited.
As good things are behind me, good things are ahead of me. So are good people.
I'll be back in Regina someday. This place is home.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


It was a fun weeekend- softball provincials in good ol' Moose Jaw. The heat was ferocious and I'm ready for a good night's rest after six games over the weekend. The ball was decent- though not quite like it has been in past years, it was still so great to be out there at the twobag. I love softball in a very serious way. It's all the heat and rain and dirt and yelling and chatter and sliding and cheers and rituals and pick off plays and double plays and squeeze plays and diving catches and oh, it's just all SO GOOD. It's clearly so much better than soccer. :)
The downers were that I pulled my quad so I didn't bat for the first two days, and nobody felt like hitting to second base this weekend, so I felt a shade unloved. A pity to get only two grounders in six games. Sheesh, what a rip-off!
It has been an unexpected gift to play ball this year, and a treat to meet and make new friends.
I have four days left in Regina. F-o-u-r. Four. Zoinks! Last football game tomorrow, last softball game on Tuesday, trip to Grandma's on Wednesday, farewells to friends, and goodbye to the Queen City on Thursday or Friday.
A few pics...

Provincial Champs!

Daina, Mandy, Me
The Original Three. We've been playing together since oh, 1995 or something. Lifers!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I wouldn't mess with my big brothers if I were you.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Density Factor

Need personal space?
According to Wikipedia, Hong Kong places 3rd in the world when it comes to population density. Try 6,407 people per square kilometer. HUH???!!! I must be reading these stats incorrectly...
And then there's Canada, which waddles along in 219th place, with 3 people per square kilometer. 3!
I hope my square kilometer has less people than the average. Like maybe 10. Ha ha!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Power of the Paper Clip

Have you heard about the one red paper clip??? Ha!!! This guy from Montreal has made a number of trades, starting with a red paper clip and ending up with a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan!!! The Kipling Legend! Check out his blog- it's pretty humorous! Funny fella!
Hmmm- what could I get for my pink fly swatter?

Heather is Here

My sister came for the weekend. It's strange to have her come visit Regina, and I'm the only one here! We've had a great time. Yesterday we spent most of the day in Kennedy visiting Grandma and Grandpa, plus Natasha and Aaden (bonus- see the cute kid in the pic!). Grandma and Grandpa were in fine trim and we had a fun time together- Grandpa cracking jokes and Grandma chatting and telling stories. That's the best. Then on the way back we stopped to see Aunty Lois. She was feeling a bit glum, so we did our best to cheer her spirits by running the 100m wheelchair dash down Central Ave. in Kipling, with one of us pushing and the other sitting on her lap. We laughed and laughed and laughed. I thought it could be some kind of event at the home- every person in the home gets a pusher and a rider, and then we have a relay race around the block. How fun does that sound?!

This week I must get back into "P" mode. You know what that means. But it's okay, this time around I'm planning all sorts of fun things- like poetry units, studies on plants and oceans or Canada, or multiplying fractions. I'll give you the commenter of the year award if you can explain exactly what it really means to multiply a fraction.
16 days left in the land of space and sky...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Sadbyes

Yesterday I returned to the patchwork prairies after a great week in Yellowknife. I said more goodbyes. I can't find much 'good' in the whole goodbye event. So I said some sadbyes. Sadbyes, sad Harmony. I had the leaving woes when I left two years ago for China, and I thought it might be easier this time. It is not. But I have decided that feeling sad is a blessed thing. If my heart felt flat and cold, it sure wouldn't say much about all of you folk, or myself. It is an amazing gift to feel a heavy burden of heartache because your life is running to overflow with people you love so much, and love you back. So I am thankfully sad, and so grateful that so many of you make leaving a very difficult thing to do.
Yesterday as I tearfully left Tim and Tara's house, Andrew smiled sweetly and said, "Aunty, look! There is a rainbow just for you!" I couldn't actually see a rainbow, but I saw more beauty in his caring heart than any rainbow could boast. Rainbows remind me of good promises- how thankful I am for the promises of God's love. There are no sadbyes when it comes to God and his people.
Perhaps the picture below summarizes the feelings of the heart today. To love and to be loved!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Roger is the man.

Roger Federer is the definition of cool. I have been up since 7am watching Wimbledon at the Ashby's. 7am is too early, but that's okay, because Roger really is something. He may even be worth the sacrificed sleep. You know what else is really nifty? The fact that Nic is going to make me some bacon and eggs right as we speak. Well, probably not, but here's a picture of Nic anyway. Yellowknife has had a strange effect on him.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Pizza Night and Other Delights of Yellowknife

Here I am in summery Yellowknife, where the sun never goes down. I want to play tennis right now just because I can (it's almost midnight), but everyone else has headed for bed so I'll just have to wait. It is so awesome to be on holidays. Sometimes when I stop and actually think about the fact that I don't have to plan or mark or do whatever, it just makes me squeal inside.
Elijah is a major Yellowknife delight. He is well worth any 24 hour drive. He likes to yell and scream a lot (especially when he eats). I like to yell back at him, then he yells louder and waves his arms like a crazy man. I love it. I am very impressed with his athletic notions. Such as: he's got a wicked left arm, so we're thinking he will probably be the next Big Unit. He's also quite adept with the long broomstick which could be compared to a bat, so he could be a hitting pitcher. Not to mention his stickhandling skills with the mini hockey sticks. We haven't worked on the basketball situation yet- I need to go and find him a basketball net so he can get started- his left hand will be a great benefit there as well. What's that? He hasn't even turned one yet??
Today we went to Cameron Falls and enjoyed a nice hike. It is a great spot in nature. Up here they've got this whole scraggly tree look going on, which if there were only one tree it would be pretty ugly, but altogether, it gives off a fine rugged appeal. Sparkly lakes, icy blue skies, and bugs galore.
Last night was Brianne's wedding shower. It was a great time and I was glad to be there as I'll miss the big party in September. :( Tonight was Pizza Night at the Ashby's, which features delicious pizza and friendly folks in abundance. There are many good friends here in Yellowknife, and I treasure the time to just hang out with my family. It is less than a month until I leave for China. I am very excited about it. But...when time in the homeland is ticking away, I start battling the sad waves. It is a challenging reality to live abroad and leave your family and your friends. My goodbyes for the year have already begun. Ah, it is hard on the heart. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming (Nemo if you're clued out)...but sometimes I am not a very good swimmer!
Anyway, I am very much enjoying the blessings of today this summer- being with friends and family. It is good. And I will post pictures soon!