Sunday, May 17, 2009


The highlight of my day was attending the baptism for a student in my class. Philip was baptized along with his older brother and sister this afternoon, along with three other students from our school. What a special day for their family! They are wonderful people and live out their faith together. Here are a couple pictures; the last one is a bonus and it is my Ode to Watermelon. It's just so satisfying.

Philip and I

The Grade Five Crew!

The Hutchinson family and teachers (Alison, Mary and me)

I love you, watermelon.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

So that's what it feels like...

Lately I've been in a bad habit of napping from about 7:15-7:45pm so that I can feel 'rested' for tennis from 8-10pm. The other night I felt so tired but I really wanted to go to tennis. However, the thought struck me that maybe, maybe I should just go to bed. So I did. I went to bed at 8pm. I can't remember the last time I went to bed at 8pm, maybe twenty years ago?!

Talk about a payoff. I woke up at 6:30 and I finally understood the meaning of rested. I didn't actually need more sleep. What a strange phenomenon. And I felt good all day- almost like this is how I'm supposed to operate on a daily basis! I'm sure most of us have felt the same way, however, our lifestyles don't seem to agree with getting enough sleep. It makes a person wonder, though, doesn't it? Why do we drive ourselves into such tiredness when the alternative feels so much better? The rhythm of my life could sure use more rests!

My favorite commercial

Roger-Rafa final in Madrid...gooooo Roger!!!!! I believe!

Friday, May 08, 2009

I've had company!

I've had some special guests on the thirty-second floor in the past month! Looking back, the last month feels like such a blur, a busy and beautiful blur! I don't even think I blogged about Tara and Nicole's visit, though the week was very deserving of a blog!

They were a blast to have in HK- totally eager the minute they arrived! They proved themselves to be committed adventurers on their first day, when we decided to go hiking despite the ahem, monsoon icon on the weather website (but really, it said "a few scattered showers"!). The site was right on the 'scattered showers', at least for the first half hour of our hike! For the next three, it poured!!! We were absolutely soaked. It was hilarious, actually. We hiked through the crazy wind and rain, feeling very adventurous. We ran to catch a ferry to start the journey back and then ended up waiting for half hour along with 200 other Hong Kongers to catch a bus...then another bus...and a taxi. We finally made it home. They did all of this on day one! When it was back to school for me, they spent their days exploring the city (as well as one crazy spa day in Shenzhen, across the border in China)...and I always looked forward to the Daily Report from Tara afterschool. It usually lasted about fifteen minutes and was very entertaining. I wish I would have captured one of the Daily Reports on video...:) Anyway, I really enjoyed having them with me!! Not sure if I've ever laughed so much in a week...
the beginning of the hike- day one

bubble tea + foot massage = :)

in the kowloon city walled park

Then Mom, Dad, Autumn and Andrew spent last weekend with me. It was their fourth time stopping in Hong Kong! They are experts now! It has been so neat to create new memories with them each time. Each visit ended up being unique and fun in its own way. This time around was special because we spent a lot of time with the girls that came to India with me; they have become dear to our family. We went out for a local Chinese meal the first evening (their specialty was Peking Duck, and we ate a lot of other notable things, like eel and jellyfish), we went on a beautiful bike ride (though it was so crazy busy on the holiday weekend that you felt you were in the Tour De France, Hong Kong style), and enjoyed meals with other special friends in Hong Kong. Again, another weekend with great memories!

the bike riding crew (new territories, hong kong)

ahhhhh!! traffic galore!

andrew's favorite (and cheapest) and meal: wonton

out for starbucks together by the harbor

at church with pastor sam and his wife, lisa (special people, too!)

the peking duck meal

Saskatchewan Parade in Calgary

Yeeeeeahhh! I'm coming, I'm coming! (July 20)