Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here we go.

Blogging has fallen off the edge of my to-do list.  I've thought about it and then felt tired- where do I even begin to try to catch up from the past three months?  It seems like it has been a whirlwind of feelings, activities, transitions, and stress.  And the longer I put it off, the more things piled up!  However, I'm not really wanting to give up on I might as well start somewhere...

A list feels more manageable than paragraphs, so here's a two-part list.  I will title it "The Fall of 2009".  Original and fresh, I know.

The Fall of 2009...The Wonderful
-I look out my kitchen window at the sky every morning at 7:45am and take a deep breath...I smile...I sometimes laugh.  Amazing, deep, vibrant blends of colors painted all over the canvas sky...I love Saskatchewan.  I praise God at least twice for this gift everyday, sunrise and sunset.  It blows me away and brings me to worship.
-Oh, the people!  Oh, the family!  Being with so many I love and have missed for the last few years...this is wonderful, indeed.
-New car: the Blue Zoom!
-God's sweet provision- sweet job, sweet house to live in! I really enjoy my school community.  Beautiful, beautiful school, and awesome colleagues.  It is a great place to work.  A talented, warm and fun group of teachers to work alongside.  And my house....ooooh, I love my house, and my roommate!  (Literally) huge blessing (not my roommate, the house!!).  I feel like I'm swimming in space much of the time- it takes a long time to get places!  After living in 600 square 2000? I don't even know how big this place is, but it's pretty awesome.  And Nicole, my roommate- she's like a sister, and a friend I've always thought would be fun to live with.  I'm so grateful for her!
-SPORTS!! I've had such a blast getting connected and reconnected in the sports community here.  I have met some fantastic new friends.  Tennis and football have been the highlight thus far.  I had a lot of fun playing in a tennis tournament in the summer and was able to get to know some of the ladies.  Now we are playing through the winter, too.  Fun!  I have also become slightly obsessed with touch football.  I really enjoyed going to Nationals in Toronto in October...great experience, and again, fun to make new friends.  Lately I have enjoyed trying floor hockey, playing volleyball again, and also rejoining my old university basketball friends in the ladies league here.  Another great addition has been a twice-a-week early morning "boot camp".  Usually early morning and Harmony do not work- but it has been great!  Really good way to start the day, just dreadfully painful waking up to get there!
-Three plane tickets.  The first took me to Toronto.  The second will take me to New York for New Year's with my sister (wooohooo!!).  The third will take me to Hong Kong in February!!! I'm so excited (and glad that I'm still able to travel)!

The Fall of 2009....The Challenging
-Transition- "in general".  Returning to a place that is home...but isn't home at the same time.   A place that is very old to me is actually new again- both a refreshing experience and sometimes a strange one.  Finding my way in a new school community- sometimes it makes me feel sad and I long for the place where I felt known and comfortable.  Settling into my own living space and feeling out the 'rhythm' of life here. 
-Saying goodbye to my Grandpa and walking through the journey of grief with my family...knowing more deeply the hope that is ours, in awe of the gift of his life and his impact on mine, missing him and aching for Grandma.
-Missing my friends and my church family in Hong Kong.  This was expected, but it is still hard.
-The workload and challenges of feeling like a first year teacher again.  Busyness.  New system, new grade, new kids, new community.  Report cards.

Enough for today.  At least the ball is rolling!  Next step might have to be changing my blog title!! Hmmm...a new blogging identity...any suggestions?!