Friday, August 29, 2008

This year's showdown..

Last year I went to see Roger vs. Pete in Macau. This year they are adding a couple old guys to the show...should be fun!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The kids are coming!

Loooong sigh. The classroom is ready. I've only been teaching for two years, but somehow I had forgotten the mad rush of the week before school starts. Cut, staple, stick, print, glue, label, repeat one hundred times until the classroom is exactly the way I want it. And that is part of the reason for the madness of it all- it has to be just right!! I do love this part of teaching. Building a warm, fun place for kids to learn and feel at home. It is very enjoyable. I love a solidly stapled and creatively coordinated bulletin board. Definite satisfaction. At the same time, I know that ugly pride can sneak in quickly- and I have to ask myself- is the carefully created bulletin board for my kids? Or is it for me?! Oh those motives, always getting in the way.

I'm ready for the kids! I'm very excited for this group of students. It's always fun to start off fresh with a new group, and so interesting to watch classroom dynamics unfold. I love feeling the potential and promise of a new year. We've prayed a lot for our kids this week and I'm looking forward to meeting them. I'm also so glad for my friends at school- there are many that I enjoy working with so much. A treat to teach alongside such great people. The first day of school was always something I loved as a student- I think it might be even better for a teacher! Bring on year number three!