Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween from Weather Woman!

I was feeling nostalgic tonight and pulled out the Weather Woman attire from the mothballs. It is my all-time favorite secret identity. Ooops. I just gave away my favorite secret identity!
My nephews came over for a candy raid in their very cute costumes- Austin was sporting the Cowabunga, Dude look (Go Michaelangelo!), and Travis was pretty adorable as a little puppy. Wouldn't you agree? He was slightly freaked out about the blue haired thing beside him I think. Then I went to the Halloween party at Western, which featured some cool costumes too. Oh, I like the idea of dressing up. It is too much fun. I'm convinced big people need to spend more time in funny outfits. It's good for the soul. PS: Stay away from spandex.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Dancing Queen Celebrates Another Year

Wooohooo! It's my big sister's birthday today! Happy Birthday, Heather! I know she was dancing up a storm last night, so I think the year is off to a pretty spectacular start. Lots of you know Heather, so you know how lucky I am call to her big sister and best friend. Love ya, my dancing queen! (This pics for you..CLASSIC....ah, the best of memories).

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturday Picture Diary

Here's the crew I took to Southey today for a volleyball tournament...we won...20% of the time! It's better than 0 (and we know what 0 feels like!!!). It was pretty fun; the highlight was one of our new players nearly claiming the heads of our opponents with her destructive serve! (Dodgeball is a poor influence on both the students and staff at Western :).
And it's long overdue that I post some pics of my roomies in the Gospel House of they are: my Chinese-Canadian sister Rachel and my Canadian-Zambian sister, Tamara, and we're missing our fourth, the Canadian-Estonian sister, Crystal. I love these gals!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Victim of the Kitchen Floor

She's been taken captive...far far from the world of bloggability. Tonight she was found on the kitchen floor, stranded on the pasty linoleum...waiting for Mom's delightfully prepared and delicious home cooked meal...alas, no mother was found, but a motherly type of a housemate, whom so lovingly bestowed upon the lazily strewn floor victim a warm bowl of beef stew....

Okay, I am being silly. But let's go ahead and caption this as "My Life as a Rookie Teacher"!!! Ha! I'm still alive here, but the last month or so has felt hard. This place in life carries with it a relentless rhythm- it doesn't seem to let up. The past week has been better than the last, and I credit much of that to the community of people I am surrounded by- who have loved and encouraged me in a relentless way. For that my heart is so thankful.
That's all for tonight; planning (oooops, we've decided that the "P" word is a curse in our house) is calling. Thanks and hello to anyone who is still faithfully reading this lonesome of the October Dodgeball Bash (featuring purple spandex) coming soon...