Sunday, May 27, 2007

Three Nights in Bangkok

My friend Mary and I went to Bangkok for our long weekend. Our goals were three-fold: 1) shop, 2) sit by a pool with a book and come back a shade darker than we left, and 3) eat Thai food as many times as possible in two days. I'm happy to report all goals were met, in addition to a late goal, 4) get a massage, or two. Although, I didn't try the Thai massage because I was slightly too roasted by the achieving (over-achieving actually) of goal #2. A foot massage was a fine substitute. As for goal #1, Bangkok boasts Asia's biggest market. It was ridiculously hot, but really fun to wander through the endless stalls. The accomplishment of goal #3 was a glorious thing- very rewarding. Mango sticky rice, spring rolls, pad thai noodles, a couple colors of curry, and some fresh fruit shakes. Ahhhh, so good.
Here's a short video of the weekend...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Too Long

Other than trying to fit some new Mandarin into my brain tonight, you four were on my mind and stuck in my heart. I miss you Mom, Dad, Autumn and Andrew!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Singing in the Rain

For the last three weeks I've been glad to have extra company around my flat. I have been hosting a student teacher during her pre-internship at the school. Tasia and her mom, Venee, are from Salmon Arm. They have brought many laughs and new friendship to my life, and as my good friend Deb notes in a recent post, that's the stuff of life! Yesterday I took them out to Sai Kung, one of my favorite fishing villages in the Hong Kong area. From the village you can go on a hike out to a couple quiet and scenic beaches.

The weatherman has been saying it's going to rain like crazy for the last two weeks, and he has been consistently wrong. Why should he be right on a pleasant Saturday? He was wrong for the first half of the day, and we enjoyed a nice hike over a couple hills, past beach one, and enjoyed fresh squid and rice at beach two. And then he was right, and it poured...and it poured...and it poured. We had pruny skin and pockets full of water. It was glorious! There is something fresh, fun, and freeing about running in the rain. Ha ha! Anyway, it was a memorable day, and it was topped off by a monstrous meal at my favorite restaurant- Habibi! Mmmm...Egyptian. Here's Tasia and Venee...thanks for the good times, ladies!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Busy But Better!

Hey all. I haven't devoted much time to the old blog lately, but I thought I'd drop by with a bit of an update on life in Hong Kong, as of May 15.
I am honestly thrilled to write that I am physically feeling so much better. I am still having some of the same "buzzing" symptoms in my feet, but aside from that, I'm feeling almost back to normal. Yes! I'm so thankful to feel like myself again. Almost. And I'll take almost- it feels good after feeling less than myself for quite awhile. This bug is still unidentified, but after a clear MRI (praise God!), and a lessening of the bad buzz, things are looking up! I do really wonder if it could be the pollution. That is scary! Thank you, again, for your encouragement and your prayers.
The last couple of weeks, and the present one especially, are flying by in a busier fashion than I'd like. At school, we have a field trip on Friday and we're busy preparing for the spring musical next week. It's hard to believe we have just over a month left of school!
I'm still playing a lot of tennis, and finding that I have a love-hate relationship with this sport. I love the game, I love the challenge, but sometimes it really ticks me off. Grrrrr. The more that I learn, the worse I become because I figure out that I am doing more wrong than I had even realized. So my backhand goes from inconsistent to plain ugly. However, I want to get it right, so I guess it will have to be ugly until I get it right. Good thing the club players are so gracious...they didn't know what they were getting in for when they let me in!
Enough tennis talk. The only other news I have is that next week my friend Mary and I are going to Bangkok for the long weekend. Fun! Thai food, a swimming pool, and the biggest market in Asia. Sounds like a good time to me.
And I must say, go Steve and the Suns. What an intense series! How can anyone not like Steve Nash?!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Hong Kong Wedding Wish

Well, it's official- congratulations to Matthew and Tamara Tucker! Missing weddings is one of the definite downsides to living overseas. Sigh. I made up a video from Hong Kong as a way of sending my congrats to Matthew and Tamara. I thought I'd post it, as it is a small window into my life in Hong Kong and we should keep the well wishes for M and T rolling! Enjoy, and again, congrats my friends on your wedding!!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Don't Miss Out!

I'm thrilled to announce an AMAZING deal on flights from Vancouver to Hong Kong!!! Seriously, friends. You must take advantage of this stellar deal! 600 BUCKS ROUNDTRIP. That's ridiculous! The sweet deal is coming from Oasis, a new airline.
Let me know when you're coming!!!!
600 bucks to fly to Hong Kong...and priceless memories to last a lifetime! (Oasis hired me)
Oh yes, and also- other than me :), three other fun reasons to come to China...1) the Women's World Cup is in China in September (I'm hoping to go to the finals in Shanghai), and 2) the Master's Cup is back in Shanghai again in November (I'm hoping to be there, too!). If that's not good enough for you, try 3) the Beijing Olympics. China is the place to be, folks!