Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Favorite

I found my new favorite place to eat tonight- Just Salad. It's based in New York and they just opened up a store in Hong Kong. It's basically a make your own salad style set up, with custom salads and wraps. It was so enjoyable that I think I'll go back tomorrow!

Guess the shoe didn't fit.

An update on the Cinderella story. They played a tough game but we lost 72-49. It was a significant achievement to notch 49 on this particular team. We were down by two at the end of the first quarter. We were terribly outrebounded and one by one my 'big' guys fouled out. They had a number of trees. We had a number of fighters...but came up short (no pun originally intended). I was proud of the guys. A couple of them made some incredible finishes- very pretty to watch. They've come a long way this year- as individual basketball players and especially as a team.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Canadian Christmas

Some of you might enjoy this....bits and pieces from my Christmas in Canada.

Cinderella...or Sink!

Well, we're into playoff season! We finished the regular season 5-5- a solid job by a young (mostly grade 10's and 11's) and undersized (but speedy!) team. These guys are so enjoyable to coach...I learned to tone down the ol' pep talk because they come so fired up on their own! I love it.
We ended up tied for fifth with two other teams in the league. Unfortunately we lost to both, and thus dropped to the #7 seed...which places us in a tough match against the #2 seed.
I emailed the guys yesterday:

Guys...your basketball homework has arrived. Watch this:

On any given Saturday...anything can happen.
(that's me)

Ooooh, this just fires me up...for tomorrow's game, and beyond that- for March Madness!!! Best month of the year- hands down!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pictures from India

I'm slowly adding albums from my time in India. I took about 700 pictures during the week, so it's taking some time to sift through everything.
Here are the first two albums-
"India: First Glances" and
"India: This is Joy"