Sunday, August 14, 2005

the last week- hyphenated

-cleaning office- organizing office- picking berries- loving grandparents- feeling the love of grandparents- good chats with new Chinese roommate- shooting hoops- reading curriculum- sighing at curriculum- reconnecting- feeling nostalgic at Canada Games- answered prayer- Andrew in my ear- chocolate- excited for what is to come- admiring young Canadian tennis players - late nights- reading curriculum- my very own office- my friend that is my mom- missing second base and softball- a new challenge- a sleepover- early birthday ear piercings with Autumn- overwhelmed- Walmart- late night laughs with an old friend- Regina is the best- fat photo developing bills- brainstorming- ahh, sports are fun- oreo cheesecake- birdie smashing- the best Sunday nap ever- actually mostly being smashed by birdies- rediscovering best friends- Andrew in my ear again- hopeful- thankful.


Anonymous said...

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T said...

Nice comment ?!?

Bonnie said I shouldn't leave this comment, but when you lob a nice soft pitch, I have to hit it out of the park.

So Harm... you missed getting to second base did you?

Harmony said...

BAHHHH, TODD!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim and/or Wyatt said...

Now that's funny... good question T!

Anonymous said...

HAAAAAAAAAAa...I love it...yes, no second base for Harm!