Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When Miss McMillan Isn't Good Enough

I think my plan backfired. Last week I kicked off my Gr. 5 chemistry unit with an appearance from Dr. Evil, the mad but mostly just goofy scientist with a bad French accent. The kids went, well, a bit crazy. Crazy in a good way. You know, banging their desks, cheering for Dr. Evil, mostly going berserk over science. Very ideal. He even had to return for a second lesson because to his distress, the first experiment failed. The second try proved successful, and then the excitement over Dr. Evil hit an all-time high.

The problem is, Miss McMillan is no longer anywhere near being an exciting and captivating science teacher. Today I was pretty excited to teach them about atoms, and the periodic table. It's neat stuff. But I'll even admit, after Dr. Evil, it felt...lacklustre. So now I'm five science lessons into the year, and either the kids are going to drive me crazy asking about Dr. Evil's life story and whereabouts, or Dr. Evil is going to have to become a regular part of science class. Maybe there could be another science personality. Ideas? Want to come make an appearance and save us from boring old Miss McMillan?!!!


Anonymous said...

Ha!! that makes me laugh...i could fill in as another boring miss mcmillan;)


NIC said...

harm! how does november sound? have you bought tickets for the masters cup yet? are you going to? i still want to come pretty bad and need to start making decisions. i'll even teach your science class.
email me soon!!

Chelsa said...

wow, this post totally reminds me of vbs back in the day, when you'd dress up as that hefty-breasted lady for skits... i can't even remember what her name is now, but it was hilarious then and it still is now! you're still good enough harm, remember, it's you in that costume after all! ;)