Friday, January 23, 2009

Singapore, 1:01am

It's been a long hiatus for this blogger. Maybe it's over. There could be good reason for a blog or two, as I'm on my way to a land that gives lend to a story here or there! En route to Guwahati, via Singapore and Delhi. It's an overnight journey. I'm not a lone traveler to India this time round, I've got four gals along with me for the ride. Singapore Airlines. Bling bling. Fancy cheese and Haagen Daz ice cream, you gotta love it. We're off to Delhi in about an hour's time. Eventually we'll make our way to Guwahati...which means Mom, Dad, Autumn, Andrew and a great adventure ahead of us, I'm sure.
See ya in the land of wobbles and curry. Can't wait!

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