Sunday, November 06, 2005

Down the ol' #48

Yesterday I took a spin down highway 48 to visit the lovable little white house in Kennedy. It was a very good day. Everytime I leave Grandma's house, it shakes me up. They have an extraordinary way of making a person feel extra-special, extra-loved. Visits with Grandma are the very best. I love that when we chat it's like talking to one of my best friends, like a real heart to heart. It's so neat, and I treasure it so much, that we get to chat about everything good, and everything hard and painful in life. My Grandpa seems to be doing pretty good- he was in the hospital for a week with pneumonia. It's always fun to be entertained by Grandpa's smart remarks. What a character. Anyway, I had a good day. I'm glad that I went.
I caught Grandpa taking a midday's that green chair, I tell you.

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b said...

Great post and great picture Harmony. I feel the same way about both of our grandparents and would love to take a trip down the ol' #48 one of these days too - thanks for the post. :)