Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween from Weather Woman!

I was feeling nostalgic tonight and pulled out the Weather Woman attire from the mothballs. It is my all-time favorite secret identity. Ooops. I just gave away my favorite secret identity!
My nephews came over for a candy raid in their very cute costumes- Austin was sporting the Cowabunga, Dude look (Go Michaelangelo!), and Travis was pretty adorable as a little puppy. Wouldn't you agree? He was slightly freaked out about the blue haired thing beside him I think. Then I went to the Halloween party at Western, which featured some cool costumes too. Oh, I like the idea of dressing up. It is too much fun. I'm convinced big people need to spend more time in funny outfits. It's good for the soul. PS: Stay away from spandex.

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