Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Second best time of the year for sports...

I can't say it beats the Madness (what could ever compare?), but it's a sweet time of year for sports fans. I'm even finding myself quite interested in the NHL playoffs, which has happened rarely since Wayne left the scene. I say go Alberta when it comes to hockey- am I allowed to cheer for both? But on to the more intelligent game. Steve Nash is just so good. Wow- did you know that in the last 5 years, his team had led the league in offensive scoring? It's true! The Phoenix Suns led the league in all the major offensive areas this year. Oooh, they are fun to watch!
What I love about the NBA playoffs is that they actually come to play- even defense! Some, like this guy for instance (we've had many a debate in that household...I'm always outnumbered!), dread the final minutes of a basketball game. But I think it's beautiful. Oh, the strategy that comes alive! Clever substitutions for defense and offense. Big time decisions on both ends of the floor made my coaches. Pressure! Clutch free-throwing shooting. Monster defensive stops. Buzzer beaters. Three point plays. The drama is just so good. You know you love it, too!
Enjoy the spring playoff season, fellow sports fans!

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TamaLa said...

You sports people are so crazy :P