Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Hong Kong's menu has got to be one of its finest attractions. A succulent melting pot of flavorful goodness. So, if you came for a week, what would you eat (just in case you happen to make this most excellent choice)?

Monday- A solid start with satay, spring rolls, yellow curry, and mango sticky rice at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

Tuesday- We swing by the hole in the wall Shanghainese shop for cashew chicken, fried green beans, and, the obvious: dumplings!

Wednesday- I hope you skipped lunch: tonight it's time for the monster of all meals. Tikka, butter chicken, samosas, pakoras, masala, daal, chai tea...welcome to the Indian buffet.

Thursday- We're still busting at the seams from last night's feast, so we go for a far lighter, and much cheaper option tonight: won ton noodle soup from the Green restaurant on my block.

Friday- With a clear night view of the harbor, we head to California Pizza Kitchen, featuring some of the tastiest appetizers and pizzas in the city.

Saturday- This is the climax meal, right here. It's Habibi time! My hands down favorite restaurant in the city. Hummos, babaganoush, falafel, koshary, lamb shwarma, peppermint iced tea. You can't beat the flavor experience at Habibi!

Sunday- Now is your chance to try the innards of all kinds of animals. Why not? You can't skip out on dim sum when you're in Hong Kong! We'll try a few of the fun ones (chicken's feet is standard), but we'll stick to the barbecue steamed buns, pork and shrimp dumplings, and egg tarts!

We didn't have time for any of the American or Australian steak restaurants, or the Irish pub with great roast beef dinner, or the 24 hour breakfast and bottomless coffee restaurant, or the Korean barbecue, or Thai, or sushi, or Mexican....guess you'll have to stay for more than a week!! :)

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Pamela said...

ok so obviously my stay in Hong Kong was way too short. Oh the memory of some amazing meals!!!...I'm kinda missing meat right now at the thought of all that Hong Kong goodness. :( I'm glad my dim sum experience was sans the chicken legs...ick! Way to make me hungry Harmony.