Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Why I love Starbucks in HK... (29/31)

It's not because it tastes any more delightful. It's because my barista friends give me sweet deals!!!! It's the best! I'm sitting at Starbucks at the moment, happy to have found my long lost barista buddy, Ching Wa. He had switched stores and so I thought I'd lost him. But today our coffee friendship was revived when I found him at one of the biggest Starbucks in the city. He gabbed on and on in a mix of Cantonese and Mandarin (I think we were catching up on old times?), I complimented him on his cool new haircut, and then he gave me a half-price latte, a stamped up card (ten=free coffee, another plus to Starbucks here) and added on a Ferrero Rocher, just for kicks. Great guy! The other day, the competing love of my coffee life, "TZ", also went on a stamping spree on my card. Woohoo! Free coffee, fun people! :)

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katie said...

Are you serious about the stamp card. I have never seen that or heard of it here. I should have thousands of free ones by now. UGH!!! Are you doing anything special for your birthday?