Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Victim of the Kitchen Floor

She's been taken captive...far far from the world of bloggability. Tonight she was found on the kitchen floor, stranded on the pasty linoleum...waiting for Mom's delightfully prepared and delicious home cooked meal...alas, no mother was found, but a motherly type of a housemate, whom so lovingly bestowed upon the lazily strewn floor victim a warm bowl of beef stew....

Okay, I am being silly. But let's go ahead and caption this as "My Life as a Rookie Teacher"!!! Ha! I'm still alive here, but the last month or so has felt hard. This place in life carries with it a relentless rhythm- it doesn't seem to let up. The past week has been better than the last, and I credit much of that to the community of people I am surrounded by- who have loved and encouraged me in a relentless way. For that my heart is so thankful.
That's all for tonight; planning (oooops, we've decided that the "P" word is a curse in our house) is calling. Thanks and hello to anyone who is still faithfully reading this lonesome of the October Dodgeball Bash (featuring purple spandex) coming soon...


HMcM said...

Hang in there Harm...I know you're doing a great job.

I thought you were going to call me?!!

Jill Slywka said...

Hey Harm,

Enjoy your weekend, because weekends are the greatest! Hopefully you can spend some time relaxing! And, I know that you are doing an awesome job teaching!

By the way, I am so honoured to have my very own link on your page!

Talk to you soon! Love you!