Monday, March 06, 2006

Nothing Beats March Madness!!!

March is by far my favorite month of the year, hands down. The greatest sporting event known to mankind will kick off with Selection Sunday six days from now. Ooooooh. The NCAA Basketball Tournament. The 64 Team Showdown. The Big Dance, Baby!
There is nothing that moves me like a 14 seed pulling the big upset on the 3 seed...or a classic 8-9 match up coming right down to the wire. Seriously, buzzer beaters make me just plain weepy! Who will emerge as the cinderella story of 2006? Which number one seed will plummet first? Which kid will come out of the closet as the next top NBA prospect? How long can I sneak out of class to watch as many games as possible?!!!
I'll let you know about what I'm thinking on this year's bracket's...but not until our big fantasy league is underway. I'd hate to let my secret selections out of the bag. Ha, ha!
There's just something about the whole bracket thing that makes me
kinda goofy. Sheesh, I love those brackets! Every since high school, I get this tingly rush making my gambles and random guesses on teams, and then, oh the best- during the first two rounds...watching and updating as the scores pile up. Oh, admit it, some of you deep down feel the same way! So, if you want to join the bracket craze, send me an email and I'll get you signed up for a fantasy league with the hippest bracket junkies around.
Oh, and this year the Madness is even more intense because I'm coaching my way through a bracket! It was Selection Monday for us in Saskatchewan. I was a little disappointed with our seeding- 9th out of 16. I'm not convinced the strength of our schedule was taken into account as it might have been (we were 10-14 overall this season, and 5-10 in Regina playing against a majority of 3A and 4A schools), but oh well. That's alright! We're headed to Herbert to play in the tight 8-9 game vs. Radville. Should we be victorious in the Friday night game, next up will be the mighty Herberters?- the number one ranked team in the province. The slipper might just fit! Go Mustangs!
It's actually a pretty fun time for high school basketball here, with all of the divisions holding their regionals this weekend and then four from each will move on to the Big Dance- aka Hoopla, the following weekend in Moose Jaw.
Anyway...countdown to the Madness is on...I know you're counting down, too! :)

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