Thursday, July 21, 2005

My grandmother is a baller

Last night I had a weird but very cool dream. My 85 year old grandmother was the star of my dream. Yes, there was Grandma McCutcheon, suited up in the baby blue and yellow UCLA basketball jersey with her kicks, playing alongside the best ballers in America. It was pretty awesome. She still looked the same- she was the same size, same tight greyish brown curls, and same glasses...I can't really remember if she got to play or not. Ah, she probably did and she probably schooled them all with a triple-double. Somehow I got to play at the end of the game, too. And then as another strange bonus to the dream, I was recruited by Team Canada to play volleyball with the giants (this was my real-life dream in Gr. 7). All I remember is the coach saying that I was good at jumping back and forth in the plyometric exercises. Ha.
I'm going to have to ask my Grandma if she has been hiding something from me and her past as a hoops all-star living on the beaches of sunny California...

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