Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bank Shot Buzzer Beater....Game Winner!!!!!!!

Ohhhhhh my! What a game! I'm so hyper! Okay, let me tell you about it!!
57-57. 25 seconds remaining, Notre Dame steps up to take two foul shots. Time-out called. Notre Dame player misses the first. Makes the second. 58-57.
Western advances the ball upcourt...the clock ticks...11, 10, 9, ...Western's power forward steps outside the three, offers a prayer... and jacks one up...8..7...the ball bounces kindly off the backboard, and it's GOOD!!!! Western leads by 2. 60-58.
Time-out. 7 seconds remain on the clock. Western awaits a final shot...the Notre Dame player mishandles the ball and it flies out of bounds as the clock strikes 0!!!!!!
WESTERN WINS!!! WESTERN WINS!!! The crowd goes crazy! Victory!
Oh, what a joyful feeling. And yes, I shed a happy tear. I know, it's just basketball, but man...what a game. I get pretty pumped when I see guys starting to really get it- like my lightningquick point guard realizing that he can cause a lot of damage if he'll just drive and dish, rather than drive and throw up a shot among the trees. And our very own 6'7 Tree, catching on in the low post and snatching rebounds....oooh, now that's fun to watch. I've still got a TON to learn about coaching, but I'm having fun along the way.
Well there you have it...the play by play and post game commentary from the world of high school basketball!

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