Monday, February 06, 2006

Lessons from Grade 12 Guys

I wish I could tell you we were the giant slayers on the hardwood tonight, but the truth is we were most definitely the ones being slayed! This week we play the top two teams in the league, both teams having lost only one game all season. We were in tough. They were big, and unfortunately for us, big and reasonably agile. Anyhow, the score was a tad lopsided in the end...and you know how it feels to be on the heavily weighted losing end of a game. Not the most glorious feeling.
So there I am, wallowing in the beating and cursing my lack of a better game plan...oh poor me. Good thing for Grade 12 guys. We like to start and end our games in prayer, and so tonight, the same player who started, felt moved to end it. What a heart this guy has; his humility leaves such an impact on me. "Lord, we thank you for giving us this game. I thank you for letting me be on this team. And Lord, I think this team really earned this victory, and I thank you for giving them the victory, because they deserved it".
Lord, I'm thankful to have guys like this in my life. Forgive me of my pride, and help me to be more humble.

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