Thursday, June 29, 2006

Big Questions

I had some of my students give speeches in response to "If you could ask God one question, what would it be?" I found this one pretty interesting:
"I will ask God why I was born in this world; sometimes I am really confused about what the point of living in this world is. After I die, I will lose everything- family, friends, money and belongings. People always say that after death you will go to heaven. Then I have a question, why don't we just go to heaven without coming to this world? The reason I think is that God is fooling around with us. This is a show, the world is a huge stage, and God is hiding somewhere and watching us everyday. Why does God want to help people and save people when they are in trouble? It is because if someone who is not supposed to die yet dies, then the show will be messed up. Why did God send Jesus to save us? I think Jesus is just a sacrifice to make us believe that God is actually good for us so the show can go on. And why will we go to heaven after we die? It is probably a gift that God gives us for our hard work in the show throughout our entire life."
Big questions. Interesting paradigm!

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dave said...


i guess that's a fruit of all these years of us insisting that God's kingdom is just a post-mortem meeting place.

i guess that assignment wasn't in gym class hey?