Friday, July 28, 2006

Farewell Random Style

Deep sigh.
Packing is finished.
I forgot something for sure.
3 suitcases is 1 too many.
It's Hong Kong. They have everything in the world in Hong Kong.
Is it really July 28?
I love my friends.
Have you tried the new Caramilk McFlurry?
What did I forget?
I'll miss the sky.
I'll miss skim milk from Canadian cows. Oh, how I love skim milk.
Hong Kong seems far.
2 years will go fast...right?
I feel a lot of things all at once. All swirled into one tired feeling.
I forgot to say goodbye to Wilf. Goodbye Wilf. I'll miss your tennis expertise.
I can't remember what else I forgot.
My grandparents make me smile.
Tomorrow I get to squish Mareesa. She's so awesome.
Good thing I had help with the packing. Thanks Deb, thanks Sdawg!
I'm sorry that I didn't weed the garden, Mom.
I wonder what my classroom will be like.
I wonder who my students are.
I wonder if it will be harder to listen in Hong Kong. It seems loud and busy.
I mean really listen- to the spirit inside of me, to the people around me.
Goodbye Tim Horton's. I will miss you, Oh Blueberry Bran Muffin.
Goodbye wretched gas stations and wicked gas prices. I'll take the subway, thanks.
I wish girls played football in Hong Kong.
It's easy to worry.
I am excited.
But more tired than excited.
As good things are behind me, good things are ahead of me. So are good people.
I'll be back in Regina someday. This place is home.


HMcM said...


Carolyn said...


Oh I can feel your feelings! Happy and safe travels - God has great things in store for you - what an adventure! I will pray for you over these next few days especially with the emotion of good-byes, lots of travel, new sights and sounds ahead of you! Love you Harmony.

Love, Carolyn

Harmony said...

i keep the garden up, don't worry friend. I came home after work and it is kind of sad here, I think i am going ot go shopping in your memory:) cd

.jeremy. said...

skim milk is gross anyway. you wont miss it that much.
enjoy the other side of the world!

Craig & Leah said...

Look out Hong Kong! Here comes Harm.
You're gonna do great. Regina will miss you lots and be waiting for your return.
Love, Leah

Anonymous said...

Good-bye Harm! If all you will miss is my tennis expertise, you won't be missing much!

Have a great year, take lots of pics for me, and let me know how tennis goes.

God Bless.


Tim said...

Yes - it was good. And I'm not talking about Skim Milk.

Kara said...

Harmony, I lurk here once in a while....if you ever need a dose of Tim H's, hop on over to Fiji and I'll share my stash with you. Homesickness never really goes away but it does get pushed back a bit with every new experience, every new face you meet. You, been there, done it. You will just need someone to ship honey and Tim H to you once in a while, or get them to smuggle it in...;) Hang in there in HongKong! I have a YKer friend there too. Tess Lyons & Charles Caldwell. (2 boys, 2 girls) They've been there for 10+yrs now....maybe you'll just 'run into' them! ;) best wishes from us in Fiji.