Sunday, July 23, 2006


It was a fun weeekend- softball provincials in good ol' Moose Jaw. The heat was ferocious and I'm ready for a good night's rest after six games over the weekend. The ball was decent- though not quite like it has been in past years, it was still so great to be out there at the twobag. I love softball in a very serious way. It's all the heat and rain and dirt and yelling and chatter and sliding and cheers and rituals and pick off plays and double plays and squeeze plays and diving catches and oh, it's just all SO GOOD. It's clearly so much better than soccer. :)
The downers were that I pulled my quad so I didn't bat for the first two days, and nobody felt like hitting to second base this weekend, so I felt a shade unloved. A pity to get only two grounders in six games. Sheesh, what a rip-off!
It has been an unexpected gift to play ball this year, and a treat to meet and make new friends.
I have four days left in Regina. F-o-u-r. Four. Zoinks! Last football game tomorrow, last softball game on Tuesday, trip to Grandma's on Wednesday, farewells to friends, and goodbye to the Queen City on Thursday or Friday.
A few pics...

Provincial Champs!

Daina, Mandy, Me
The Original Three. We've been playing together since oh, 1995 or something. Lifers!


.jeremy. said...

nice work on the provincials.
enjoy the last few days in the q.c.

.manda. said...

hey, harm. i didn't realize you were leaving regina so soon. i fly in at 11:30pm that night. if you don't leave til Friday, i'll be helping leah at Glen Elm that morning. it would be good to see you one more time. if not, take care, i will be praying for you. can't wait to read more of all your amazing adventures. love you!

TIM said...

Nice new look Harm...