Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy One Hour?!

Following a very satisfying Indian buffet meal last night, a friend and I did what all logically thinking people should do- go for a foot massage. There are little upstairs shops calling your name everywhere here. Literally- Harrrrmoooony!!! Come on up for a piece of heaven! How could I refuse?
This time a little lady gave us a "Happy One Hour" ad and coerced us upstairs. I did have a happy one hour practicing Mandarin and laughing a lot with my massage lady, but the massage was evil! I was writhing in pain most of the time. And the funny (?) part was that she was getting a great kick out of it. As she dug into my feet and I squealed, she looked at me with a big smile and said, "NO PAIN, NO GAIN!" I couldn't help but laugh and say, ooooookay then! No pain, no gain!!! They are all about the reflexology here, so apparently as she was digging a hole in the bottom of my foot she was fixing something in my liver. I don't really get it but hey, my liver appreciates it!

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Nic said...

you shouldn't throw around ideas unless you are serious. because anything is possible these days.
i'll drive a mini-bus, whatever that is.