Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Nemesis

The last couple of weeks have been a blur. There are a few reasons for this, but the most significant being report card time. Here are my thoughts in regard to this:
Oh Report Cards
How I despise you so
You are
And I don't like you.
I'm glad you are
Ha! My brain is so fizzled that a misfit of words such as that was upchucked. Sorry about that.
Okay, I confess it's really not the fault of Report Cards. If you know me, you know my preference would be to....wait for it....and then wait a little longer...shoot a few hoops...drink some coffee....send an email...eat chocolate..take a nap....you got it- the word is procrastinate. It is my finest art form, really. Truthfully, I didn't procrastinate as much as usual. I'm making progress, as I'm pushed by being responsible for more than just myself. Shooooot!
Anyway, I'm finished, and that feels good. I'm short on sleep and looking forward to regaining clarity in the coming days! The dishes have been washed and laundry is on the go. Things are looking up! A refill of patience and energy will be needed as next week I will take on the role of camp counselor. Three days with 20 Grade 5 girls! Woooo! It's time for Grade 5/6 camp. I think it will be fun, but I know it's going to be tiring, too.
I've had super weekends lately. The last being a two day women's retreat hosted by my church. The speaker was so good. I was refreshed and challenged by her thoughts on the love of Jesus. And wow, was she ever funny. A treat to listen to for a weekend, that's for sure!
The weekend before that I was in Singapore. I have more to say about that, but in short, I laughed A LOT, soaked up time with a treasured friend from home and enjoyed a quick trip to a new place.
Anyway, there you have it. That's the life and times of Hong Kong Harm. I'd love to hear from you; I am missing you. Yes, YOU!
PS: Go Riders.


TamaLa said...

Way to pump out those report cards. I was having visions of your pla-*^ng last year! yikes. Glad to hear that you are over the worst and back to normal.

Barb said...

Hey Harm,

I am on the computer tonight doing what?? Yes, procrastinating about my own report cards!! So I totally enjoyed your blog about your own report card issues. I can do anything during report card time, except report cards - I even find myself cleaning the toilet and enjoying it. I always find once I finally buckle down, it isn't as bad as I had anticipated, but the procastinating continues each and every term of each and every year. Ours go out next Friday so I now have one week - and I have only just begun! Don't you feel like you are on holidays once they are over? I sure do - like a major burden is gone and life is good!!

Jeremy and Jonathan are having a grand time watching their favourite tennis guys. They will soon be off on leg two of their journey, seeing beautiful sights, and then leg 3 - coming to Hong Kong to see you!! Have a wonderful time!

Miss you also.
Love, Barb