Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dim Sum With The Guy Who Won Gold

Today I had the chance to eat lunch with Henry Wanyoike, from Kenya. I didn't know much about this man until today, but he has an amazing story. You can find it here. Henry woke up twelve years ago in darkness, having lost his sight. He won Gold at the Sydney Paralympics, and today he placed 3rd in Hong Kong's half-marathon. He runs marathons all over the world, with the help of his guide- a childhood friend named Joseph. They are running for the 17 million people with cataracts, 85 percent of whom could be healed with a simple operation. The organization is called Seeing is Believing. Right now he's aiming for gold in Beijing! I'll be watching for him! I was glad to have the chance to share some Chinese food with one, actually two, very inspiring people!
Here's his video:

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Jill Slywka said...

thanks for sharing that, harm. it's yet another reason why i still find myself in school, and am doing what i'm doing. if i can just prevent one person from going blind, it will all be worth it...
hope you're starting to feel better. i'll try and send an email your way soon.
miss you.