Friday, March 02, 2007

Why Not?! (Sorry, that's for Sherri)

Earlier this week I kicked Sherri out of my flat and sent her to the REAL CHINA. Yes, enough of this wannabe's time she enjoyed the real deal. She went to Yangshuo, a favorite spot of King and Queen China, Jay and Shannon, and myself as well.
I was sad to see her go! I am certain that her being with me in HK during that specific time in my life was something divinely appointed! Definitely some pretty great memories made. Sherri has a rare and wonderful gift of bringing a kind of contagious joy to anyone she comes into contact with. Oh, she's a funny girl- you'd be blessed to meet her!
Anyway, I made up a little comic with pics from her time here, and I've added some new pics to my flickr site should you want to see more!

I'm glad it is Friday night! I made it through the week back at school but I'm still not doing so hot healthwise. Waiting for this to pass...I have been to doctors and I've seen a specialist. They just don't have answers!
Well, time to head for bed. Tomorrow I'm going to try some tennis and hopefully get lots of marking done (knowing me, this may not happen until I have a couple less days before marks are due).
Good night, friends!

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