Saturday, May 03, 2008

Teaching the Digital Natives

I spent the day at a learning technology PD conference. The most useful session was one focused on enquiry learning, versus topical research. Basically moving away from the "scooping" model of research, where we send kids off with a topic and they collect information, and moving towards research that is directed by questioning and problem solving. The speaker also had some good thoughts on helping kids use Google. One simple tip was getting away from the simple search and always directing them to the advanced search mode.

The session hosted by Apple was worthwhile, especially because it was aimed at using Garage Band. I've played with it from time to time, but it was great to dive in and leave the session feeling pretty comfortable with the software. The trouble is that I have only my personal Macbook (actually I don't even have that at the moment- hard disk replacement is underway), so it's next to impossible to do so much of what I'd love to with Mac software in my classroom. Maybe someday. Many, if not most, of the international schools in HK have personal Macbooks for their students.

One site you might find helpful is Catch Video. It allows you to download Youtube videos onto your computer.

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