Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day, and My Mother is Home!

Only a helpful heel gives me the edge over the ten year old...long legged beauty she is! And you can't see it here, but Mom now has long flowing locks!!! Beautiful!

Arm around picture number seventy-two. It's classic.

LOVE the eyes!!!

My family is home, and it is goooood. Plus, a NWT license plate showed up on our driveway last night- surprise! Heather is home, too! Today we enjoyed a Mother's Day brunch, some tennis and supper with Aunty Carolyn, Bonnie, and Ronan. The squishability factor on this kid is excellent! Cuuuuutie petutie!
So Happiest Mother's Day wishes to my Mom. You're the best Mom a girl could ask for- love you oodles and so so so happy to have you home!!!!!!!!!!!


TamaLa said...

looks like the G.H.L. is still full of love!
-- TK

.jeremy. said...

man that andrew is a sharped dressed man.
zz top must have been singing about him.