Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Amazing Chinese Race?

Hoofta- say that aloud with great emphasis okay?! I made it. It was a long trip. I've been up for about 26 hours now, so I'm not feeling so well. Very weary and the stomach is flip flopping and spinning around like those tea cups at Buffalo Days.
I made it to Beijing- though I didn't realize I was signing up for the Amazing Race when I decided to join the ratrace in that human swamp of an airport. I laughed when I later realized I was actually wearing the Amazing Race VBS t-shirt!!! It was meant to be. The three weighty suitcases were not helpful in manouevering through the gridlock. It ended up being me dashing like Don Narcisse down the concourse to Gate 31. But, I made it- and I was greeted in Qingdao by beautiful roses and more importantly, Rachel Hao and parents. It was really good to see her familiar face.
So, I'm here....and feeling overwhelmed with tiredness, and stickiness. I'm drenched. Literally soaked. Welcome to the new life of constant humidity!!! It was weird, and overwhelming too, in the plane surrounded by Chinese zipping around me and men and their newspapers and cel phones everywhere. I'm back!
Well, I must go to sleep- it's been a long time coming.


Tim said...

1. Good Regina metaphors!
2. When are you not sweating and completely sticky?
3. Glad you made it safe.

Harmony said...

I am glad u are there!!! Miss you and thinking about you. I am gld that you are with RAchel. It makes me feel better:) cd

.jeremy. said...

glad you made it.
get some sleep.
tims raises a good point in #2.