Thursday, August 31, 2006

I am still living!

Hey blog friends. Ah, I do say with sadness that I have left you hanging for some time now. Yes, my life is just so exciting that it's like a cliffhanger- what's going to happen next? Oooooh.
You see, I've submerged into a sea of planning (yes I said it aloud), cutting, pasting, laminating, stapling, repeat process- again, and again, and again! I have never worked at such an intense and continuous pace. Seriously. Okay, maybe that's not hard to believe seeing I've only been "working" for two years (does China count?!). The week prior was spent organizing my new home in Hong Kong. There has been so much to do! But since the whole moving in deal, I haven't been home too often!
I am SO GLAD that I decided to live close to the school. It's a 5 minute walk to get home at night and it's especially wonderful for a morning lover like myself...get up and go! I will post pictures of my apartment and my building soon. I have a pretty neat view when I come home at night. Sparkling white and yellow city lights.
I am also now a computer owner for the first time. I went fruity and picked a Macbook. I haven't used it a ton yet because it takes a couple weeks to get internet installed at home, but so far it seems good. I saved quite a bit because I didn't have to pay tax and also got a teacher discount. It will be so good to be connected at home- can't wait. I feel like I haven't keep in touch well over the couple of weeks and that has left me feeling a bit disconnected from many of you. Send me an email if you get the chance?
I must tell you that the school I am teaching at is amazing. I honestly feel so blessed to be a teacher here. They treat us so well and the staff has been so warm and helpful. The adminstrative staff is fantastic and I know I will learn a lot from many people here. The staff is a mix of international flavors, ages, and backgrounds. I am impressed, and very appreciative, of the efficiency and overall focus of the school. We have tons of resources and lots of support. I have two preps everyday, and twice a week I get an extra as well. It's great to be a part of so far!
Today was our first teaching day. I have 23 students in my Grade 5 class. I have Chinese, British, Canadian and Spanish students in my class. They are a sweet group of kids (aren't they always on the first day?!). The favorite part of the day for me was when I did a little activity focusing on the uniqueness of the students. I brought one of my suitcases and put a mirror inside. Then I went on and on about how very, very amazing and special and valuable this suitcase was. It's worth millions, there's not another in the whole entire world, etc. Then I asked them if they wanted to come take a look. They were so cute! Man. So one by one they came up- very carefully as to not disturb the precious treasure. Maybe you guessed what was inside?
A mirror. Awwww. Get it? You're special too! :) I'm so cheesy.
Anyway, that was pretty fun. I am having a very good time here in Hong Kong. The city is incredible, really. In the same fashion as the school, Hong Kong amazes me with its efficiency. For one example- they have something called an Octopus card here. You put money on the card and then you can use it on the subway, bus, at 7-11, at parkades, parking meters, etc. It eliminates the need for change. The organization of the city is pretty neat- so many escalators, underground walkways, moving sidewalks, etc. It's amazing what can be done to make the best use of a small space. Come and see for yourself!
Okay, so I AM having a great time- it's all good...but I am very, very tired. The last 5 days have been goofy. I have definitely not been eating well, and it wasn't for the dear kindergarten teacher bringing me extra lunch, I'd really be in trouble. Ha! I have this thing inside of me that can't just let something go and be less than what I want or know it can be. Sometimes people who have "this thing" are called perfectionists. It's like an addiction, I think, and it comes out when you're a teacher because you could probably work at it forever and ever and ever. It's hard for me to just let things be less than what I want! Ai ya.
Well, speaking of that P word- I do need to do some planning for tomorrow. It's nice that the weekend is just around the corner. On Friday night I am going with one of the other new teachers, Mary, to the Yacht Club for a pool party put on by the church I've been attending. It should be a good way to kick back after a long week or so.
Anyway, sorry for the delay in updates- they should be more consistent now that both my classroom and my home are relatively set up. Let me know how you are doing, okay?!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear an update, I've been wondering how you are doing! You're a great sister, teacher and they are very fortunate to have you! I wish my kids had you as a their teacher! Macbook eh?

melissa said...

it all sounds like so much fun!!

b said...

Yay, so great to hear a good newsy update - sounds like you're doing so well and starting to settle in. Your school sounds awesome. I agree with Steve - they are fortunate to have you!!

I hope you like the Macbook...we are really enjoying joining the world of the fruits too. LOL

Thanks for blogging, particularly so us boring people can live vicariously through your exciting international life! HA! It's good to know what to pray for too.

Love bonnie (and todd and ronan)

T said...

Hey Harm would you like fries with your Mac?

Just a little tip for ya.

We downloaded Firefox for our Mac as Safari does not play well with Blogger or Hotmail. I really like the way Safari works, but we got frustrated with it when we went to those sites.