Friday, October 06, 2006

The Sickest Cupcakes Ever

The sickest cupcakes ever are mooncakes. Don't eat them- the bean filled, or egg yoke filled, or yuck filled little muffins aren't worth the cultural experience. Resist!
Yesterday was the Midautumn Festival. The Festival is all about the moon. They say the moon is as close as its been in 9 years, and so we're excited about that. From what I understand, and I'm thinking something must have been lost in the tranlation, but the Midautumn Festival started because a very long time ago, an Emperor's wife overdosed on opium and flew to the moon. Or something like that. Something about the moon and a special drug.
Anyway, a couple friends and I decided to embrace both the tradition of the Festival, and the body-to-body crowds. The ultimate Hong Kong tradition- crowds! I honestly think there could have been over a million people in the area we were walking around. Ha! I'm working on a little movie depicting this blessed experience. I'll let you know about the release date on that one.
So, we joined the masses and watched the fire dragon dance. Actually, we enjoyed the head of the person in front of us more than the dragon, because that's all we could see. Until we were given a live video feed via the digital camera. We finally got a glimpse of the dragon and let out a hearty "waaaaa" in traditional Chinese fashion. The dragon was a really, really long skinny sort of snake looking thing made of twigs, and then it had thousands of incense sticks lit up all over its body, and especially its head and tail. It danced. It was quite the thing.
It made me laugh when I heard the sound of bagpipes coming from the parade. Haaaa!!! Seriously, full blown out bagpipes at the Chinese Dragon celebration. I didn't know Chinese people were into bagpipes- but then again, who ISN'T into bagpipes?! Funny, funny. So as a prelude to the fire dragon, our ears were graced by Amazing Grace.
Then we journeyed through the Carnival area, where our ears were beat on by Beijing Opera. It's not my favorite kind of music. There were lots of neat lanterns, and again, a lot of people.
There you have it, the best Midautumn Festival ever, and of course it was capped off by the Friday night tradition- foot massage. B-e-a-uuuuutiful!!!!!

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United14 said...

Way to Go coach Lol
Midautumn Festival eh Lol
I don't even know that's how it call in English Lol
I saw the moon here in Australia, just so small Lol
Enjoying your HK life?