Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Night

I think I've said this before, but the weekends are the best here in HK. Not to say the weeks are bad, it's just that the weekends are really good. On Friday night I tried Lebanese food. It was excellent. The Egyptian restaurant in town is still my all time favorite, but this had similar flavors and was very tasty. Saturday I had tennis lessons again, and then on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon I watched the Davis Cup- Hong Kong edition. It was HK vs. Indonesia. HK lost both of the matches I watched, seemingly not due to being less skilled but because of unforced errors. The Indonesians had a rocking fan base, maybe that was the difference!
I'm in the midst of planning a pep rally. It's been 7 years since my pep rally days! I'm trying to remember all of the goofy things we did at FWJ. Those were the good days, I tell you. We had some serious school spirit! Anyway, now that we're in the 2000's pep rallies have taken on a new look- the way of the home-made video. Gotta stay hip, so first thing on the list is to start producing something magical. Ha ha.
Enjoy your Sunday, friends!


.jeremy. said...

we did davis cup in calgary. good times. canada won all five matches and didnt even drop a set. pretty impressive.

TamaLa said...

Way to go teacher Harm! You are impressive ya know that?!
Love TK