Saturday, December 02, 2006

Good Times.

Things are looking different in my flat these days. At present there are two young lads lazing around in my flat. It is wonderfully surreal to have Jeremy and Jonathan here in Hong Kong.
The last two days have been great. We've had amazing weather- blue skies and twenty degree weather. We've taken good advantage of it, as yesterday we went to The Peak (likely my favorite place in HK). We timed it well and saw both the day and night view of the city, and enjoyed supper in a restaurant at the top. Today we went on a day trip to a fishing village. It was a bit of an unknown venture, but it turned out to be a sweet day. We went on a short hike, swam in a beautiful cove-like space of the ocean, found a neat spot to jump off cliffs (okay, they jumped, I was a chicken), and then had a scrumptious meal of very fresh seafood in the fishing village. To top it all off, we went to a dessert shop for mouthwatering mango delights. Soo good.
Tomorrow will be church, more eating, and I think we'll head to Stanley Market- a famous shopping hotspot on the southern part of the Island. Oh, right, and then I'll take the Roger freaks to the tennis courts to wrap up the evening. These guys are PASSIONATE about Roger. Wow.
It really is a joy-giving thing to have such good friends here. I am a happy camper, that's for certain. We'll post some pics one of these days. Good night from HK!


Alicia Slywka said...

the walk of shame harm...
come on

but im missing all you guys and wish i was in china right now too.
have fun. and tell jonathan to send me a flipping email back..

Tim said...

You should have jumped harm, I would have. Ok I would have never walked up the potentially shameful walking place in the first place. Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

good for you for not jumping! someone has to use a bit of common sense!
glad you are having fun.
Eyes ball and cliff jumping are two reasons Jeremey and I wouldn't make good travel companions

Jill Slywka said...

sounds like good times. wishing i was there right now too. tell jonathan to phone me someday soon - and then i can get in a chat with you too.

crystal said...

Harm... I won't of jumped either. Can you believe Tamara's news?? Wish you were here, or wish I was there. Would be nice to have a little chat. Thinking about you, even if I am terrible about writing...

Anonymous said...

Hi Harm,
I am now totally awake and making so much sense, unlike our last conversation!! It was great to chat - and we really didn't mind the wake up call. I also am proud of you for having the guts to not jump - we shouldn't be overcome by peerpressure and find ourselves doing things that we really wish we weren't doing. If I had been with you, I would have proudly walked the "walk of shame" with you.
Hope the boys are cleaning up after themselves. Enjoy your days together. I love hearing the news and seeing the photos. Almost (but not quite) like being there.
Love, Barb