Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Pandemonium (Happy New Years!)

Last night I experienced New Year's Eve- Aizawl style. Firecrackers of all designs have been going off for the last few days- a POP! here or a ZAP! there or a whizzing sound finalized with a SMACK! has become an expected piece of the soundtrack here. Last night was the mother of all firework parties. Everyone was sending rockets, firecrackers, full out fireworks into the sky. Our house was being attacked on all sides. I ran into the house numerous times because I feared a speeding, fiery orange projectile was going to smack me on the side of the head. We were rained down on by a party above us, and soon attacked from below by our neighbours!! As he watched a rocket jet into the sky, he turns to me in this sneering voice and says, "Lovely, very lovely" (with an evil giggle). Meanwhile, his 4 year old is lighting a match and setting off a firecracker. The granny is trying to get her sparkler going...

It was truly a community celebration. You could hear laughter, singing, and at the break of midnight, hearty HA-LE-LU-JAH's!!
Andrew was squealing with delight. If this was not his finest moment, it came a couple hours earlier when we had our own firework show. For 4 CDN bucks, I bought about 45 minutes worth of fun- rockets, spinners and sparklers. What excitement!
When we tried to go to bed at 1AM, they were starting up a program on the loudspeaker just down the hill from us- singing, preaching, on and on and on. Gongshow!
Anyway, it was a memorable New Year's Eve. Enjoy your celebration wherever you are- bring on 2007!

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