Thursday, December 07, 2006

"A Speedo and a Moustache- A Great Combination"

These are the kind of ridiculous statements that come from Jeremy Olson. Even more outrageous is the fact that he wholeheartedly believes this statement to be true. And that's a pink speedo we're talking about, folks. Well maybe Jeremy is right, maybe I'm the only one who isn't a fan of the speedo...
"It is true, Harm. Just wait and see. Tomorrow".
They are looking forward to the attention from the European ladies in Macau on Saturday.
However, the other day they bought me a french press coffee maker, and Jonathan is presently baking monster cookies for my I'm keeping them around for awhile yet.
This week has been good. Great, in fact. It will be odd to have an empty flat again in a few days. Lonely odd, I'm sure! They've been exploring Hong Kong on their own during the days and then in the evenings we've enjoyed various cultural cuisines. Monday we went for Thai, Tuesday was Turkish, Wednesday was Egyptian and today was Indian and Mexican. A kaleidoscope of flavors! I must say that Egyptian food is emerging as one of my favorite taste sensations.
In other news, my basketball gang played and did not win the other day. It was frustrating. However, they are a great group of guys and they have some good, but raw, athletic talent. They are a lot of fun and they have a lot of potential. I'm very much enjoying my time with them.
Tomorrow we are having a MONSTER SMARTIE PARTIE in my classroom. That's why Jon is making some high quality cookies. They are going to stop by for a visit. The kids are looking forward to it!
I think tomorrow night will call for good food and a good foot massage- a Friday night tradition.
So long from the 32nd floor!


Go 2 The John said...

You just now tried coffee from a french press? Oh me. Oh my. You ain't never tried coffee then until the day you finally tried it in the fp.

Glad you did.


TamaLa said...

I wanna be there too!!!

Anonymous said...


Great to see you three and hear of your good times and adventures. I wish I could attend the monster smarty partie also - I always love a good classroom party. We have been cranking out the Christmas art in my room - I love this time of year. I'm glad that Jonathan can keep on top of his cookie making skills. We may need them (his skills and cookies) around here in a week or two.

I hope that it is just Jeremy talking about the speedo. We have had to put up with a previous speedo purchase and I don't know if I can handle another one. Tell them to "just say no!" and bring their mothers a lovely gift instead!

Enjoy your final together times.

Love, Barb

Tyler said...

ahhh. the infamous speedo's. I will find it hard to believe if you say the pink one's beat those trunks that Jon and Jerms bought in india. Those were pure genius, and dead sexy too.

melissa said...

i dunno guys. the pink speedos win. they mite always win. next time im in Europe ill bring some home for everyone!