Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bringing Cougs pride to HK...(9/31)

This morning I got to watch the second half of the National Championship, hosted at the U of R. The hometown Cougs (ranked #2) were up against Simon Fraser (#1). It was fun seeing the U of R pack the place, as usual. There are few universities in Canada that get the crazy crowd support that Regina does, and you can imagine the home team advantage the Cougs had going into the National Final. Unfortunately they came up short against what looked like a tough SFU team. They came up with some big shots and Regina didn't shoot very well. A hard one to lose on the home court, especially with six 5th year players in their final games.

Takes me back to the good ol' days, when I proudly warmed the pine for one great season. I think of that year (and a half actually, until I blew out my knee) often and miss the intensity of it all. It was one of the best experiences I've had in my life. It makes me feel very old to look at the roster and see that most of the girls were just going into high school when I was playing on the team! Yikes!! Anyway, I had to pass on a little Cougs pride to the kids in Grade 5 today, so we watched the last few minutes of the game in class. I'm sure some of them would fit in well with the crowd in Regina...

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