Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tuesday - hyphenated (22/31)

coffee - dark skies - rain - sticky and warm - chapel - sing - smile - throw off that which easily entangles - grapes - photocopying - newspaper - buzzing feet - sigh - the mystery of fractions - homemade pizza - staff room chatter - good friends - grade five love poems - amused teacher - feudalism - tidy classroom - facebook - oops forgot about that meeting - meeting - decisions - responsibilities - salmon supper at home - company - chocolate cake ice cream - calorie burning - stretching - bike riding - revived - laundry - dishes - muffin baking - oovoo - who did make the fishes swim - family - anticipation - guitar - blog - pray - sleep.

wednesday - hyphenated:
work - COLDPLAY!!!! :)


The John said...

Hey. I'm still adjusting, today I was driving down the road with Maddison and the next thing I know I opened my eyes and almost drove off a bit of a small cliff. Not good.

I had a blast with you Harm, good times. When I left you guys I sat in a a cab for like 20min the traffic was so bad. It was tight catching my plane.

See you sometime on this side of the world. Tell Paul I miss him and that he's lucky my back was out cause it would have been raining 3's. oh yeah.

Jill Slywka said...

enjoy coldplay! i can't wait to see them in june!