Saturday, March 07, 2009

That blessed time for teachers... (7/31)

Yeah, report card time. That means I'm spending a lot of quality time at school this weekend. Today was a surprisingly productive day (seeing it's only Saturday and report cards aren't due until Monday) and I've got most of the work finished. I celebrated by hopping a taxi to Subway, followed by a scoop of Belgian Chocolate Haagan-Daz (I had a coupon). I stopped at HMV and picked up the movie, Once. I'm watching it as the background soundtrack to adding comments to report cards. The movie is a little slow, yet enjoyable...and the music is even better, just right for a bit of multi-tasking. Sorry- report cards are taking priority over meaningful blogging tonight. Tomorrow night I'll be free!

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Anonymous said...

Your father will be proud of you! Me too! Love you, Mom